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Hiring the Right SEO Company In Canada

The SEO or search engine optimization is a practice that constantly evolves with the algorithm updates of the search engines to improve the user experience. Companies with in-house SEO find it more and more complicated to find success in SEO. Having a couple of SEO experts in the company’s marketing is not enough to create efficient backlinks which is why partnering with professional SEO company is what some brands are doing nowadays.

Hiring the right SEO company should not be done haphazardly. You need to know what characteristics to look for to ensure that you get the result that you want without getting any penalty. The right SEO service provider should be able to grow organic traffic to your website, boost your search engine ranking, and helps you get more leads and profits. What you should avoid is an SEO company that engages in unethical techniques or black hat tactics that appears to be succeeding but leaves you when the penalties come – leaving you with lots to clean up and less traffic than when you started.

When hiring an SEO expert, you need to know if the provider follows SEO best practices and if they drive the desired result. The right SEO company has the following characteristics:

  • Considers all the three major factors of SEO such as technical SEO, user experience, and off-page SEO as components of a complete SEO strategy.
  • Have ideas on how to adapt the general strategy on your niche or industry.
  • Its success metrics are based on your own business goals.
  • Ethical SEO techniques will take at least 6 months before you see results not shorter than that.
  • Includes mobile optimization and conducts a mobile audit of your website.
  • Open to collaboration with your marketing team to integrate SEO into your overall marketing strategy.
  • Conducts keyword research using the latest practices.
  • Its link building efforts should be more in quantity and relationship building rather than amount and expediency.
  • The right SEO company should be able to explain why they prefer certain tools and what are their impacts when used.
  • They provide detailed information on how to measure and report progress.
  • They should be up to date with Google posted information, follows the top industry blogs and actively participates in SEO forums and discussions.
  • They ask for detailed information about your industry, audience, KPIs, and goals to build an SEO plan that will help you gain success for long-term.

Here is a video about it from Google itself:

By evaluating SEO companies using the above characteristics you will be able to remove black-hat SEO and find the right SEO company that will bring longtime success.